Statewide Education Organizing Committee (S.E.O.C.) • 601 N. Clinton Avenue • Trenton, NJ 08638 • (609) 529-8838

Join Us

S.E.O.C. is a membership organization, and our members are all parents and residents in the districts where we have chapters, or other low-income NJ school districts with similar problems. We pay membership dues and participate in the day-to-day decision-making and leadership of our organziation. Membership dues are $20 for the year and you can pay in installments. Please download our membership application or contact your local office.


Friends of S.E.O.C

For those who support our mission but do not live in the district currently organized by S.E.O.C., or who are district or city administrators or elected officials, we have created the Friends of S.E.O.C. Friends provide financial and other support for our work, receive periodic updates and become a part of the S.E.O.C community. Please download our Friends of S.E.O.C. application form. Your time and donations are greatly appreciated!