Statewide Education Organizing Committee (S.E.O.C.) • 601 N. Clinton Avenue • Trenton, NJ 08638 • (609) 529-8838

The Statewide Education Organizing Committee, SEOC, was formed in 2004 and incorporated in 2005. 

Our organizing approach involves seeking out potential members and leaders – both in and near the schools -- and recruiting them to membership in already existing chapters in Newark, Jersey City, Paterson and Asbury Park and most recently Elizabeth. Each chapter goes through an issue identification process at the local level. Once an issue is selected, SEOC chapters carry out research, sometimes “research actions” and then employ various tactics to move toward local wins.  The base developed through these local campaigns become the resource that can be mobilized around selected statewide education policy and funding issues.

Examples of our other local campaigns are:

The selection of statewide issues is a mixture of issues that SEOC began with and issues that we, together with our key NJ partners (the Collaborative) have selected through dialogues and discussions involving staff and parent leaders.  We just completed 4 actions highlighting the “school to prison” pipeline.  We have also have conducted four public education teach-ins in September and October entitled “Stop Experimenting with Our Children”.

"Strengthening Educational Opportunities for Our Children"